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Ages Two And Up

Are you aged two (and up)? Are you bored? Have you got no-one to play with but your own shadow? Try some of the new games May Blossom has recently invented.

Blocks in Socks

Take off your socks. Fill them with blocks. Swing them around like the kind of dangerous improvised weapon that would be banned in prison.

Gravel in a Shotglass

Go visit your uncle at the Kings Cross hotel for visiting arty types where he is staying while in town to do a play. Spend the afternoon on the completely rad roof terrace, amusing yourself by scooping gravel into a shot glass you found on the ground and tipping it onto a deck chair while your parents completely ignore you and pretend they are childless and carefree.

This is a variation of Gravel in a Shotglass called Gravel in Your Shoes.

Jump off A Wet Step

Get on a step, in the rain. Jump off. Repeat for all eternity.

Playdough Installations/ Mother Crumble

Start playing playdough where you allowed to, in the kitchen on the small table brought in for that purpose. While your mother is cooking something awful like frittata, start sticking vile pink playdough onto the walls. When your mother realises what’s going on, watch her shift her boundaries and drop her standards before your very eyes, as she realises that if she makes you stop and put the playdough away, she won’t get to finish cooking. Move into the adjoining spare room, where she says you can stick the playdough onto the wardrobe doors. Stick most of it there, but grind some into the rug.

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