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Don’t Mention the War

It's enough to make you want to lie around with your feet in a vanilla slice.

Last night something happened. But we’re not going to talk about it because it’s not a big deal and everyone does it and it’s not going to get jinxed and never happen again. Let’s just say that a certain small person did a great deal of a certain activity that involved lying prone and doing nothing but breathing quietly with her eyes shut. It might have started at seven pm and continued, almost uninterrupted except for a couple of wee wakeups that lasted only a minute or so (she’s not a magic baby), ALL NIGHT LONG OH MY STARS SHE SLEPT SHE SLEPT SHE FUCKING SLEPT! Whoops. Slipped out.

Guess that’ll never happen again now. Oh well. It was nice. That is all.

PS. For those that care to know such things, I night-weaned her. Turns out when you are nearly one you don’t need to drink gallons of milk all night long. It frees up so much more time for sleeping.

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