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Hipstamatic Addict Insane

Willows are weeds and this river bank is heavily eroded, but Hipstamatic makes it all pretty.

Am I in a David Lynch movie? With Hipstamatic, we all are.

It’s time I came out and said what we’re all thinking. My name is Jess and I am an addict. I am addicted to the Hipstamatic iPhone app. As addictions go, it’s a bit lame. It isn’t going to help me break up my family, squander my fortune or destroy my body. All it does is make the photos I take on my phone look old.

The app provides instant nostalgia. But the problem with Hipstamatic and similar apps, is that while it’s great fun to make things look like 1981 now, when I look back at these images in five or ten or fifty years, I won’t have that visual reminder of what the colours really were like in 2012, or what the texture of the regular photographic images from today was like.

Hipstamatic is also handy for making your life look like a horror movie.

But at least I will have photos, which I wouldn’t if I had to rely on myself lugging my proper camera around with me. What are you thoughts on the ‘atmosphere for the lazy’ look of Hipstamatic, Instagram and the like?

Taking a blurry picture of one of my eyes after applying 12 coats of mascara? Just as weird with Hipstamatic.

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