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Let’s Play A Game

My brain today, interior. Coincidentally, also an exhibit of white Lego at the Miro Museum, Barcelona.

Let’s play a game where I am the blogger and you are the reader. Just say that I, the blogger, have a foggy brain and can’t think of anything to write for you this week. And that I feel bad about that. And let’s say that you, the reader, send me a comment telling me what you want to hear about. And then, assuming your request isn’t for some outlandish thing I don’t understand, like the bicameral parliamentary system, I’ll write you a post. They’ll be like sponsored posts, only you’re sponsoring me with inspiration, not money. How about it?

It’s lazy of me, I know, but there’s a bit ofstuffhappening right now that is filling up my brain and I’m also being bitten by an angry Burmese cat as I type — it is highly likely that the next time you check in this blog will be called ‘Gusto Without Life’ —  which are not ideal writing conditions, so if you’d throw me a bone idea-wise I’d be ever so much obliged.

Thanks, nice reader people.

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