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The First Post

Life With Gusto: that is what I have named this blog, because living life with gusto is what I’d like to do. How successful am I at this endeavour? Well, I signed up for this blog almost a year ago and I have not been brave enough to write anything until now. That’s not living with a great deal of gusto, now is it?

The other reason for the title of this blog is because in another, literal, sense I do live life with Gusto. Gusto is my three-year-old brown cat. It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg question*, whether I gave her that name because I wanted to be able to say (and ultimately write) that I live life with Gusto, or if that pun came after I gave her such a joyful name, but the odds are on the former. I do love puns.

martinis, sunset, poached salmon for the small brown cat.

How to live life with Gusto: drink a martini at sunset, serve poached salmon for the small brown cat on the lower level.

Thus far you all you know about me is that I have a cat called Gusto and a fledgling blog and I like eggs and puns. In addition, I will tell you that I work as an editor of books, that I write a little and cook a lot. You’ll learn more as we go along. Precisely what we’ll be going along doing is yet to be determined, but now that I have broken the ice, I hope to come here sometimes to tell you about things I have cooked, eaten, read, written, planted, harvested, taken out, put away, worn, discarded, found, lost, said, wished I’d said, thought, heard, misheard, imagined, planned, bought and sold. And maybe more.

*In my opinion, the egg comes before the chicken. Or at least above it. Eggs beat chicken any day. Can you make crème brulée out of chicken? No you can’t. Case closed. Eggs are better.

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