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The Talkies

This is not strictly relevant to the following post except that it sums up better than any other photo I have how today has made me feel.

H and I went to the movies with just each other today and it was amazing and there was no toddler and we ate a giant bag of Maltesers and sat in the dark quietly for two hours mesmerised by a film that was in French of all things and even though on the way there we worried a bit about that because it meant we would have to keep our eyes open the whole time and not have any microsleeps it was fine and the film was amazing and the people in it were adults and they were funny and clever and handsome and the music was brilliant and the scenery was too because it was filmed in Paris and the whole thing made me cry a bit and even the idiot lady behind who had a direct route from her not very smart brain to her quite loud mouth and just said whatever fool thing she thought as she thought it couldn’t spoil it for me and I bloody loved it and I kept hoping the film wouldn’t end but then it did but it didn’t matter because then I could talk to H about it and we had a really good conversation and no one talked about sleep or poo and then we went to a bookshop together and bought some Christmas presents and we bought wrapping paper and bath oil from another shop but then I got a bit tired and sore and we decided maybe I had Overdone It because I felt like my front was going to fall off but in spite of that it really was all just excellent and maybe something we ought to do more often because clearly it has all made me a bit overexcited and I’ve had to come home for a lie down and take some deep breaths and we absolutely will do it more often because it took us ten minutes of ads at the beginning of the movie to come to a definitive conclusion about what the last movie we saw at the cinema was and it turns out it was Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and that was back on Australia Day which is in January which was many many months ago and we must not leave it so long again, oh and the film’s name was Intouchables which is French for Untouchables and you would be doing yourself a huge favour if you saw it too, which you probably have but maybe see it again and thanks for not telling me anything about it if you have seen it because it was extraordinary to walk into that movie knowing nothing at all except its title and the fact that it was in French.

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