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What I’ve Liked This Week

This past week, I’ve liked:

  1. reading about monochromes. I had read about this phenomenon years ago here and forgotten all about it.

  2. listening to Stornoway.

  3. wearing my new Gorman trenchcoat. Idiosyncratic as I am, I do not accessorise it with an ugly patterned turban.

  4. eating double chocolate cupcakes with ricotta, bourbon and orange zest. And with only a minimal amount of tears and swearing I made my own ricotta to put in them.

  5. drinking water. May Blossom has decided that contrary to what all all childrearing experts (except the ones who advocate nursing until kids leave home) say, that more breastfeeding is definitely better than less. At eleven months old I believe we are meant to be decreasing the number of feeds a day. Computer says no. Add in a few flights up and down and back and forth across the country and I am very, very thirsty.

  6. watching (for ten minutes on a plane – whatever happened to watching whole tv series for hours and hours at a time?) Jam and Jerusalem. Such an amazing cast – Sue Johnston, Sally Phillips, Dawn French – and written by Jennifer Saunders, but sadly just not very funny. Maybe I need to give it more time?

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