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What I’ve Liked This Week: Trapped Indoors By The Rain Edition

This rainy week, I have liked:

Wearing my new spectacles: They make me look like Colin Firth in A Single Man. The ladies are going to swoon.

Watching May Blossom’s little brain tick over as she slowly figures out that there is no way to break open the littlest babushka doll in the set.

On that note, rediscovering the joy of Kate Bush’s music videos.

Eating Yotam Ottolenghi’s Roasted Eggplant with Saffron Yoghurt, Pine Nuts, Basil and Pomegranate. It’s a dish for which you will never have all the ingredients at hand, but oh how worth the trouble it is (especially when it was your mother who went to the trouble).

Hearing the hooting sound May Blossom made when I told her we were going to Aldi.

Playing a new game we call ‘Flippy Fish’: You lie on a bed on your back, lift both legs and flip your body off the mattress in a kind of undulating motion. It entertains May Blossom for a very long time, especially when H and I do it with her.

Sleeping. It only happened once, but May Blossom has now proven she can sleep all night, in her own bed. Well, from 8 pm to 5. 30 am, anyway, but that’s good enough for me. I’m so proud I’m going to buy her a pony. Driving a Corvette.

Anticipating the return from New York tomorrow morning of my little brother. I haven’t seen him for a year. He’s got some uncling to catch up on.

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