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You Give Me Fever


In the event of finding yourself over thirty-eight weeks pregnant and suffering from a virus that makes you burn with fever and shake with chills for twenty-four hours (so far…) this is all I can suggest: 

1. Go to bed.

2. Have people around who feel sorry enough for you to take full charge of your toddler, take you to the doctor and make you jugs of iced water with slices of cucumber and mint in them – like pregnant invalid’s Pimms.

3. Watch something where worse things are happening. I’ve gone with the final season of E.R. Might as well desensitise myself to a bit of gore.

4. Read funny and clever things on the internet, like Kate McCartney’s piece here.

5. Imagine how much worse this would be if it happened in a couple of weeks.

6. Maybe give yourself the day off the blog tomorrow.

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