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Dear Jess: Sleep-Tricycling

Here’s the first in a new occasional series in which I will ask myself questions and then reply. I’ll be my own agony aunt. Today’s question concerns parenting and road safety:

Dear Jess,

Is it safe to allow my not-quite-eighteen month old to ride a tricycle on a public road while she is fast asleep?

Yours, uncertain of the rules of the road,


Dear Jess,

Not really, no. It’s actually rather dangerous. She was probably swaying quite a lot, am I right? You probably had to keep propping her back into an upright position, slumped over the handlebars, to stop her from tumbling onto the road. I suspect you already knew it a bit unsafe, didn’t you? Because you did pick her up a couple of times, but when she sleep-griped ‘Bike…bike…’ you put her back on and let her continue.

I think you are asking the wrong question here. What you should ask is ‘Is it funny?’ My answer to that is yes, so it’s okay to do it.

Yours advicefully,


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