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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Well haha! I already had a blog! But I had only ever posted once on it and then I pretended it didn’t exist so no-one read it and all was well. I got no negative comments, and it wasn’t scary at all. But it was hardly living life with gusto, was it, having a blog that had, in essence, fallen in a forest to the sound of one hand clapping?

When I asked on Facebook if anyone would read a blog if I wrote one, I was very excited when so many of you said you would. Then I panicked, and briefly considered subcontracting out the work of blogging here to someone in Bangalore. That would be the easy way out.

Instead, I went to the fridge and opened up an ice-cold can of Toughen Up, and here I am, blogging, because since I started this blog, I have done some things that were much more daunting that writing a few bits and pieces and letting people read them.

I have organised a great big wedding. I attended said wedding and married the most excellent person I know (that part was easy). Then I tried to get pregnant, which took ten months, which is 34658 years in Trying to Get Knocked Up time. Then I was pregnant, which took 41 weeks, which is 47830876 weeks in Pregnant Time.

And then I had a baby.

Because I have decided to leap feet-first into this blog, without spending a lot of time to-ing and fro-ing about how to do it and what I should reveal and generally paralysing myself with the what-ifs of sharing details of my life with The Internet and All The Do-Wrongs Who Lurk Upon It, I shall, for now at least, not use my baby’s real name on this blog. And if you know me and comment, would you be so kind as to play along? I will call her May Blossom, because that is the name my family joked about calling her if she was born a plain-looking child. (‘Never mind, she may blossom.’)

Being born plain-looking didn’t eventuate. May Blossom was born a stunning child, with a fearsome amount of hair. Whether or not I will show pictures of that hair on the blog I am not sure either. What are your thoughts?

Although I read lots of blogs, I don’t really know much about how they work. What is the etiquette of linking, and reposting? I know that stealing photos without crediting the author is wrong, but what else should I know, fellow bloggers?

Now it is time for me to stop, because one thing I do know about blogs is that it is better to write several posts rather than just spewing forth every thought in one’s head in a stream-of-consciousness rant that goes for pages and pages. And also I have to fold two giant baskets of laundry before May Blossom wakes up. Life with Gusto. Right. Bring it on.

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