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There Will Be Blog

I’m back! Well I’m not really but I will be very soon because I now have a working computer again and no longer face the prospect of blogging with my phone, using my obviously-rather-thicker-than-Steve-Jobs’ fingers, which prefer to type two letters at once.

My computer, like my children, has sleep issues: it would not go to sleep, preferring to stay awake until it had completely run down its battery, and then would refuse to wake up again. Sound like anyone I know? Note to self: sleep troubles are clearly contagious and thus May Blossom should not be allowed near Apple products lest she infect them. The laptop got to go spend a week at the Apple Store, being spoken to severely and undergoing some sleep rehab, and now it is back. And it works! Sometimes. But sometimes is better than not at all. That’s one of my life mottoes. So I shall, very soon, stop attempting to use Twitter and Facebook to communicate with the world things like my anger at sexist cordial (pictured above), and instead I will subject you, dear readers to long rants about all of the everythings that have been going on here in the last month or so. I have missed this screen. See you very soon, I hope.

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