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Very Mild Superpowers: It’s Twenty Degrees

Did you ever hear the song ‘Very Mild Superpowers’ by the comedian David O’Doherty? It’s about his strange abilities:

My legs aren’t bionic My eyes aren’t x-rays But I’m a very good judge of whether things will fit through doorways (Sofas, tables in particular)

I too have  a very mild superpower. I can tell you when it’s twenty degrees Celsius. Thus I also know when is is not twenty degrees, but I can’t tell you any other ambient temperatures specifically.

I can remember when this power came upon me. I was about ten years old and playing in the garden of the house I grew up in. It was early evening, probably in late spring. The air temperature felt absolutely perfect to me. It was neither very warm nor very cool, but if I had to pick one I’d say if felt warmer rather than cooler. The air felt soft, somehow. I asked an adult (I don’t remember who) what the temperature was. They told me it was twenty degrees. Ever since that day, when the air feels like that I know it’s twenty degrees. I am very often right.

Do you have a superpower, mild or otherwise?

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