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Does Gin Sink?


I want to know because H just made me a gin and tonic to stop me being so very grumpy and Sundaynighty and horrible (my mother suggested I meditate but the gin was more easily to hand than inner peace), and it didn’t taste at all ginny. So I added some more and we both tasted it and it still didn’t taste very ginny. Until I got closer to the bottom of the glass, through all that wretched tonic, and found all the gin lying there, exhausted.

Obviously I poured it all down my neck, and it tasted very ginny indeed, and now my enquiring mind wants to know why it didn’t mix with the tonic. Is gin lazy? Is gin shy? Why doesn’t anyone else who uses the internet wonder this? Have gin drinkers lost their childlike curiosity? That’s very sad. It’s enough to drive you to drink.

Here are some pictures from my lovely weekend, the delightfulness of which is at inexplicable odds with my mood this evening. I am the grim gin under the bubbly tonic.


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