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Life With Gusto Goes Interactive

Which is to say, I think I am going to start replying to your comments. I know it’s taken me a while, but I realise lots of other bloggers do it (that’s how I make all decisions: are lots of other people doing it? Then I will too), and it would be nice of me to respond to the kind and funny things you people say. So, if you’ve left a comment before, check back to look at the post in the next week or so and see if I have done what I say I am going to do. We can have a very slow conversation!

Welcome, too, to any new readers. I think some of you have come my way via Tomboy Style. If so, I expect you’re terribly cool and have terrific, easygoing, looks-like-you’re-not-even-trying style. You probably brush your hair more than once a week. Over here… well, let’s just say it’s not really that sort of operation. You might sometimes get the sense that I am blogging in my pyjamas. Or H’s pyjamas, when I run out. But never mind, I welcome all sorts of people. We can still be Internet friends. Please make yourselves at home. Fix yourself a virtual drink, squeeze some imaginary or real lime on some imaginary or real chips. Say hello in the comments, and I will say hello back. How civilised.

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