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Not What It Looks Like

Also not what it looks like: this image of May Blossom checking on her sibling in my tummy illustrates why late pregnancy, maxi-dresses and toddlers make for an undignified mix.

I didn’t blog yesterday. I know, you all noticed and were terribly concerned, and were not at all quietly rejoicing at the respite from the barrage of ill-thought out posts that have been coming your way daily for the last few weeks. But fear not, dear readers, I am still pregnant. There is much more of this ridiculousness to come.

I took a break from the blog because my body decided to have a bit of a play at having painful contractions all day. Just for a laugh. You know, try them on for size. See what it might be like to gear up for having a baby naturally, which it never did last time. With May Blossom, I never had a single contraction before she was eventually born by ceasarean for Failure To Have Any Intention Of Being Born Ever.

Yesterday’s effort was definitely uncomfortable, and at times even pretty painful, but not regular so I think it was just my body arsing about. I’m told by people who’ve done this before that these shenanigans can go on for weeks before anything birthy occurs. So that’s something to look forward to.

Anyway, because I didn’t blog yesterday, I didn’t get the chance to tell you that I am now two for two with brothers who have been mistaken for Matthew Newton. It’s quite an honour.

A few years back my Actor Brother had a role on Today Tonight playing Mr Newton in some fake CC tv footage in a re-enactment of the incident in Rome when Newton allegedly bashed up his then girlfriend. He was very good and scary and convincing.

Yesterday, my other brother, Superchief, was in a lift with an old lady. Once the lift stopped and the doors opened (good move to wait until then in case she had been correct), she said ‘Are you Matthew Newton?’ He did not punch her in the face, so I think she had her answer right there.

Have you ever been mistaken for someone famous? Or, come to that, are you someone famous?

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