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Re-reading Matters

How funny, that's exactly the outfit I am wearing as I write this blog post, right down to the lipstick and earrings.

Mem Fox says in her book Reading Matters that we should read at least three books each day to our children. Roughly one thousand books a year will do. Repeating the same books is fine, although I am assuming it’s slightly more improving for everyone’s development and sanity not to just read one book a thousand times. (There’s a game for a long car trip: What book would you choose if you had to read it aloud a thousand times?)

Today is cool and rainy and I want to curl up in my bed and do a spot of re-reading. More than a spot, actually. In anticipation of the publication on 1-11-11 of Cold Light, the third book in Frank Moorhouse’s Edith trilogy, I want to curl up in my bed and re-read Grand Days and Dark Palace.

That’s only about fourteen hundred pages. Maybe May Blossom will take a reaaalllly long nap. And then maybe she’ll fold the three loads of clean laundry that are covering the sofa and make the bolognese sauce for dinner and plan her birthday party for next weekend. She is a year old now. It’s time to start sharing the load. I’ll bet Edith Campbell Berry would have let her mother read long books in peace.

Do I want to re-read you today, books? From top to bottom: no, no, no, no, no, no, yes please.

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