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What I’ve Liked This Week: Fremantle Edition

This past week I have liked:

Wearing sandals,  thongs, or plastic Melissa shoes.

Looking at the photograph ‘Nat and the Girls’ by my clever friend John Witzig, featured over here at Lizzie Garrett’s excellent, always inspiring blog, Tomboy Style.  John gave this picture to May Blossom when she was born, but because we are the bosses of her we appropriated for our bedroom wall.

Listening to 1960s surf music.

Eating mango, lime and ginger jam from Ootong and Lincoln on fresh brown bread from Abhi’s bakery. So crusty it almost broke the crappy beach house bread knife.

Drinking dry white wine, alternating with bites of ripe yellow peach. It reminds me of the vin de pêche we drank one summer in Sarlat, France. (The only summer we have spent in Sarlat, France, I hasten to add. We are not Scott and Zelda. Yet.)

Smelling the sea air of Fremantle.

Touching sandy baby skin. It’s like good Thai food: the perfect balance of sweet and salty.

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