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Come Fly With Me

Did you know that today is International Fifteen-Minute Nap Day? I didn’t either, until May Blossom informed me. It’s some sort of charity awareness-raiser, or something. She was sketchy on the details.

That is why today there is not going to be a post with structure and themes and a moral, but instead a somewhat blurry picture of my new bag.

It was an early Christmas present from my brother SuperChief, and it is a 1970 Pan Am stewardess’s bag. It is completely awesome. Perfect condition, and just the right size as my carry-on bag, stuffed with the flotsam and jetsam I have been slowly gathering in the hope that it will entertain May Blossom for fourteen hours on the plane. So far I have many stickers, five matchbox cars, some washable textas, some clear textas that you use in a special book impregnated with magic ink, finger puppets, a box of band-aids and some books. And an iPad.

These will all be neatly corralled into pencil-cases from the $2 shop, and the whole bag will be a model of tidiness and organisation. This bag will, I am certain, make me into the kind of mother I aspire to be: one who carries adequate wipes and snacks and provides entertainment options beyond a affecting a range of northern English accents and performing a character called Robot Mummy.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the character sitting beside the bag, that is Cupcake, May Blossom’s baby. He is a gang member, which is why he wears that do-rag on his head and always has one leg of his pink trousers pushed up the knee. He’s kind of rough. Cupcake is obviously his gang name. Do not mess with him or he will put a cap in your ass without blinking, which is hard for him because he has those doll eyes that close when he leans forward.

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