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Friday Regrets

Many of the blogs I frequent, often those concerned with parenting and housewifery and very tidy walk-in pantries and knitting your own cloth nappies,  like to concentrate on gratitude. Gratitude is a bit of a fashionable thing right now. I blame Oprah. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the gratitude movement, it just gets a little smug sometimes.  Too much positivity and optimism gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Today I was going to start a series inspired by the lovely blog Soulemama, in which each Friday I would post a picture of a wonderful moment from the week past. I like this idea. It’s a gentle form of online gratitude. No words, just a solitary inspiring image. But while I experienced lots and lots of precious treasured moments this week — an ever increasing number of which involved me being asleep — I neglected to photograph them. You know, because I was participating in them. And also, a post with no words? Me? When hell freezes over or I have a fridge not filled with half-eaten jars of random condiments, whichever comes first.

What I do seem to have, though, are pictures of things going wrong (viz. yesterday’s photo of my filthy kitchen). That is why I am starting a new Friday series, in which I will post a picture of something I regret. I invite you, dear reader(s), to join me in the comments. What do you regret this week?

This week I regret accidentally knocking the on-button (which are the eyes) of the horrendous singing frog toy that I bought May Blossom months ago and then had to banish to the linen closet because the music it played made me want to chew my own ears off. May Blossom, predictably, thinks its the absolute business.

All attempts to remove it from her have thus far failed. As soon as she goes to sleep it is going to live with a nice family in the country.

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