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This Is Just To Say


Our little boy was born ten days ago. Sorry it’s taken me so long to put him down and write a post to announce it. But if you smelled his head you’d understand. He is, like a Christmas blockbuster novel, unputdownable.

His name is, you can rest assured, excellent, but I won’t be using it on the blog. Like his sister, he’ll go by a pseudonym. His is Garnet. That’s a nod to an ancestor of the same name ( an uncle with some large number of greats preceding) and a nod to the most popular girl’s name this year, Ruby. Precious stone names aren’t just for the ladies.

So Garnet joined us on a Saturday morning in a glorious Caesarean birth, of which I will write more as soon as I have time.

For now you should know that he is so far a calm fellow, who likes breastfeeding, sleeping and being cuddled. He’s pretty bloody dreamy. Of course I know babies change as soon as you say they are one thing, but that’s him right now.

The only time he cries is when his nappy is off. It’s like he cries out his bum and it is silenced by a fresh nappy.

May Blossom adores him, but not so much the divided attention of her parents. Her sleep is definitely suffering, as is ours. (Case in point: I am writing this on my phone while sitting by her bed at 3.30 am.)

But that aside, I couldn’t be happier or more grateful for my amazing little family — not to mention my big old family, who have kept us sane and fed for the last ten days.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Thanks for reading Life With Gusto this year. I hope I can get back to more regular posting soon. I do like this small space and the people who read it.

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