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Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Downfall

Shortly after we gave May Blossom her beloved new Humpty Dumpty toy, my brother Superchief drew my attention to the fact that Humpty looks a little bit like Hitler. A jovial, clean-shaven Hitler, but a bit Adolfy nonetheless. I think he is onto something.

Is it just the hair? On Play School Humpty’s hair is usually styled with a centre part, but the toy’s hair just wants to go to one side. When I do manage to part it he looks like Robert Smith from The Cure, which is definitely an improvement on Hitler.

I hope I’m not seeing connections where there are none, but it is a bit strange that they both have six-letter names beginning with H, they both lived in countries with Walls and they both suffered downfalls. Make of these facts what you will.

It would be rough to look like Hitler. Or be named Hitler. Apparently there were twenty-two Hitlers listed in the New York phone directory before World War II and none after. Maybe there were twenty-two more Dumptys listed.

Those who know me in the offline world will be aware that my incredible 102-year-old grandmother died this week. I will write about her some time soon, but I’m not ready yet. She loved Life With Gusto, and if there is one thing she would have wanted, it would be not to share a post with Humpty Dumpty and Hitler.

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